The Floppy

The Floppy is a practice golf ball designed for indoor use.

The Floppy feels and reacts like a real golf ball but is soft enough to hit into a window or a wall. It offers realistic golf ball feedback and helps keeps your short game tuned when you're away from the course The Floppy works wonders with your wedges. It's great for your touch and feel and will help improve your chip shots, pitch shots and of course, flop shots!





Now you can play and practice your golf game indoors!

The unique Patent Pending design of The Floppy gives you ball like feel. The Floppy feels, rolls and spins like a real golf ball.

Floppy balls are very durable. Each ball is hand made and they're made to last! The Floppy works best when hit off of plush carpet or a hitting mat. 

Try The Floppy and you'll will be amazed at how much fun you will have practicing your game indoors.