The Floppy

The Indoor Golf Ball

Don't just take our word for it.

"To me, The Floppy is one of the best investments a golfer can make.  Honestly..."
Annie Gladue-Latham, 

"Two thumbs up for The Floppy - the best thing to happen to my short game when I'm gripped by Old Man Winter."
Jeffrey Reed, Editor,

"It spins and rolls like a real golf ball, but it doesn't make a hard impact. It's great for practicing your wedges."
Bill Pennington - The New York Times

"This is a wonderful thing. I absolutely love The Floppy and how it reacts to your swing."
Sean from The Deep Rough Blog

"It feels like a real golf ball"
Casey Bierer from The Golf Channel

"By far the best short game training aid I have ever tried"
Jerry M from Virginia

"One of the best short game training aids I have ever seen. They are great for overcoming the yips!"
Doug Weaver, PGA Professional and former PGA Tour player

"Great to chip around the house. I worked on my short game in our main hallway when I was re-cooping from a foot injury. Saved a handful of short strokes the next couple of times I played a round."
Bryan K.

"It is a lot better than the plastic balls that are too light."
Brendan M

"The Floppy works great! It allows a person to chip or pitch in their living room without worrying about breaking something. It is also very realistic on shots."

"I love these things! They are so much fun to hit around the office"
Daniel M. from NYC

"The greatest golf product I have ever tried, seriously"
John C from Florida

"Just a short note to express my delight with your great product.
Since, I started practicing in my office (10 to 20 chips per day,) my short game has improved dramatically. I have started to get it up and down from everywhere, Last week I won 14 skins, a record for our game and my playing companions have started to call me "the wizard!"

My chipping mechanics, due to my practice with The Floppy have given me a degree of confidence that I have never experienced with my short game before and now I really feel "dialed in" with my wedge game."

Larry W. from California

"I got the Floppy and WOW!
Very real feel. I love putting them on the Welcome mat in my office and hitting a chip through the door and into the hallway. We had a party and all the guys were "getting floppy" with it!

The Floppy is helping me become a smooth and groovin' confident chip off the old block!

Ray R. from Northern California

"...The Floppy is one of the more innovative new golf accessories I have ever seen. This is an unsolicited endorsement. I bought and paid for this product and I receive nothing for this post nor do I receive any commission on the sale of any floppy. I just like it. "

"Love the Product. Just ordered some more...."
Michael from CA

"I've had a lot of fun chipping and pitching The Floppy around my basement during college football bowl season. I'm impressed with its feel and durability... I haven't heard of any broken windows or mirrors yet."
Dave from CT